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The SparkChat AI Process

Work with us to Create Cutting-Edge, Customized AI Scenarios, Customers, and Training Coaches!

Our expert team collaborates with yours to create custom AI customers and scenarios that mirror your unique business needs. Together, we’ll develop an AI coach specifically designed to offer real-time feedback, guiding your sales team in alignment with your distinct sales process and materials. Experience a partnership dedicated to empowering your team with tailored learning experiences that resonate with your business's authentic sales approach.


Gather stakeholders for a collaborative brainstorm to set project objectives.

During this phase our team would setup a Discovery Meeting which will accomplish the following goals:

  • Set clear objectives for the discovery meeting
  • Identify and invite all stakeholders: Business executives, SMEs, and technical teams
  • Discuss the desired end goals: Creating realistic AI-driven sales simulations
  • Gather existing training materials, if any, or existing processes

Savvy Start

Initiate the project by defining its vision and brainstorming AI scenario ideas.

During this phase our team work with you to achieve the following:

  • Define the project's vision.
  • Understand the business's unique selling points and challenges.
  • Brainstorm initial ideas for AI customer scenarios.


Conceptualize and sketch design ideas, focusing on AI-driven voice interactions.

During this phase we design each of the deliverables outlined in the Savvy Start:

  • Sketch high-level design concepts for AI customer scenarios. (Personality types, voice characteristics, backgrounds etc.)
  • Discuss technical requirements: Single-sign-on, reporting to LMS, API for report downloads.
  • Plan for voice interactions and draft potential dialogues.

Iterative Development

Develop, test, and refine simulation prototypes in repeated cycles.

During this phase we complete the following steps:

  • Develop prototype simulations.
  • Test internally with your team and gather feedback.
  • Make necessary modifications.
  • Repeat until simulations are refined and AI customers respond correctly.


Finalize and launch AI simulations, ensuring seamless technical integration.

During this phase deploy and integrate the simulations:

  • Finalize and launch AI sales simulations.
  • Ensure smooth integration with business systems (LMS, API).
  • Provide support documentation and training.


Monitor user interactions, gather feedback, and plan updates.

During this phase measure the results and effectiveness of the simulations:

  • Monitor user interaction and gather feedback.
  • Analyze success metrics: Engagement, knowledge retention, and scenario completion rates.
  • Plan for future updates based on feedback.