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Our mission

SparkChat AI is on a mission to bring people closer, transforming them into more confident and effective communicators. We harness the power of advanced AI technology to mirror real-life conversations, creating a safe and encouraging space for both personal and professional growth. Our approach transcends traditional training, offering highly realistic scenarios that prepare individuals not just for business excellence but for meaningful, everyday interactions. We're not just shaping the future of sales and customer service; we're fostering a new era of connection and understanding in all facets of communication.


Meet the team

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Jeffrey Fowler
Chief Technology Officer

Our CTO, Jeff, is the visionary architect behind SparkChat AI. With over a decade crafting transformative learning experiences, his innovations now define our cutting-edge AI training tools. A pioneer in his field, Jeff’s expertise shapes solutions that elegantly navigate the complexities of today's workforce, positioning SparkChat AI at the forefront of technological advancement in training and development.

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Joshua Fowler
Python/AI Intern

Joshua is a junior-level developer with experience programming AI-driven software for diverse applications. His fresh perspective and enthusiasm make him a valuable member of the team.

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Ryan Roedersheimer
Chief Executive Officer

Ryan epitomizes transformative leadership, blending rich sales expertise with strategic innovation. His deep industry insight is instrumental in shaping our advanced sales tools, fostering an environment where professionals thrive amidst evolving business challenges. Under his guidance, SparkChat AI is committed to equipping sales and customer service teams with exceptional, real-world-ready resources and strategies.

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Patrick Metz
Chief Financial Officer

Patrick, our CFO, brings a wealth of sales expertise and financial acumen to SparkChat AI. Focused on cultivating lasting client relationships, he utilizes his deep knowledge in finance and investment to guide and achieve strategic objectives, enriching our team and clients with invaluable insights and tailored advisory services.

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Brett Puckett
Chief Operations Officer

Brett, our COO, brings two decades of rich experience in sales, tech, and real estate to SparkChat AI. With a background as a retired Air Force Major, he infuses strategic leadership and innovative, empathetic problem-solving into our operations. His diverse, high-stress experience shapes robust and human-centered strategies that enhance our organizational resilience and effectiveness.